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Findings of Fact KCPOA v. KCTHOA (10cv1747)

Legal Library > Colorado Courts > Kissing Camels 10cv1747 > Judicial Ruling 10cv1747
Kissing Camels POA, Inc. Plaintiff v. Condominiums HOA of Kissing Camels Townhomes, Inc., and Kissing Camels Townhomes LLC, et. al., Defendants
Findings of Fact - Colorado HOA Law (10CV1747)
Plaintiffs:  Kissing Camels Property Owners Association
Plaintiff Counsel: Jane Fredman and Eric Bentley (Flynn, Wright and Fredman)
Association Management: Diversified Property Management
Association Manager: Stephanie Amend (Lay Witness)
Defendants: Condominium Association of Kissing Camels Townhomes and Kissing Camels Townhomes Association
Defense Counsel: Ken Gray (Independent Counsel) and David Krahl (Independent Counsel)
Association Management: Team Strategy Inc.
Association Manager: David C. (Dave) Stiver BA MA (Expert Witness)

Findings of Fact 10CV1747 | Colorado HOA Law
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