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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Q - When was Team Strategy founded?
  • Team Strategy Inc. first began as Team Strategy LLC in 1997. At that time it applied for licensing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 1998, federal and state legislation called for Team Strategy LLC registering as Investment Advisors with the state of Colorado, Division of Regulatory Agencies, Securities Division. In 2007, Team Strategy LLC incorporated as Team Strategy Inc.

Q - When did Team Strategy first begin managing properties?
  • Team Strategy has been in the property management arena professionally since 2003.

Q - How much experience does Team Strategy have?
  • David C. Stiver, President/CEO of Team Strategy Inc. first became involved in working with various Boards of Directors in 1992.
Q - What makes Team Strategy Inc. unique among property management companies?
  • Unlike most property management companies, Team Strategy Inc. takes a unique approach to its properties. As Registered Investment Advisors, Team Strategy focuses upon property values and real asset property valuation.
Q - Do the employees of Team Strategy have any specialized training?
  • Yes. Unlike many property managers, Team Strategy's staff has received advanced training in the areas of finance, budgeting, business law, corporate law, constitutional law, management, and economics. All of this training has been at the undergraduate and graduate college levels.
Q - Does Team Strategy provide after-hour emergency services?
  • Yes. However, our after-haours (on-call) phones are monitored 24/7. Our on-call staff is available to visit the site and address any emergency related issues that may arise. We also provide on-call personnel who can respond to make emergency related reapirs. This practice minimizes property damage and financial loss to the association.
Q - Where is Team Strategy presently located and what are your office hours?
  • Our corporate office is located at 1825 Austin Bluffs Pkwy. Suite 201. We are located on the Southwest intersection of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Union Boulevard (across from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) campus. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Q - Is Team Strategy Inc. a member of any professional associations?
  • Yes. Team Strategy is a member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Team Strategy is also registered with the state of Colorado, Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Securities Division.
Q - What is Team Strategy's management philosophy?
  • We actively manage our properties. We actively work on behalf of our clients to obtain the 'best value' pricing for goods and services. We become engaged in learning our properties inside and out. We actively study the history of the property from inception to completion. We conduct a property analysis and determine whether issues are present that have not been identified by past management. We study the financials inside and out. We monitor water and other utility use to identify areas for cost savings. We work with and educate our Board of Director members regarding issues of importance to the betterment of the overall community at large.

Q - What are some examples of areas wherein Team Strategy has worked with their
     vendors to provide a positive result?
  • Insurance - Team Strategy has reduced the overall cost of Commercial General Liability Insurance for 'ALL' of its clients. By actively shopping the risk management providers and underwriters, Team Strategy has saved thousands of dollars over the years. These funds have been placed back into the properties for maintenance upgrades. Projects wherein these funds were used include: insulated garage doors, decks, painting, fencing, asphalt, concrete, exterior lighting, curb appeal, and retaining walls to name just a few. All at a fraction of their original costs and using existing budgetary dollars. Thus, the number of dues increases, special assessments, etc. have been drastically reduced.
Q - Many management companies charge hidden fees that make budgeting difficult for Boards of Directors. Does Team Strategy charge any hidden fees?
  • No. Many times Homeowner Associations (HOA's) are lured by the lowest price. Than come the 'Add On's' that make or break the Association. We try to provide (whereever possible) a complete breakdown of our cost structure upfront.
Q - Does Team Strategy charge any initial set-up fees?
  • Yes. Team Strategy charges equal to one month as an initial setup fee. This covers materials, labor costs, etc. necessary to convert association records from one managing agent to another. In addition, it covers the costs associated with scanning documents into digital format for future use.
Q -Does Team Strategy charge for 'After Hour' site visits?
  • Yes. Like our competitors, we charge a 'Call for Service' fee associated with additional site visits. There are, however, times wherein we may be in the neighborhood and make an unannounced site visit. For these, we do not charge a fee.
Q - Does Team Strategy operate under a 'Preferred Provider' vendor referral program?
  • No. We work with a wide array of vendors to provide service to our properties. Our focus is upon obtaing the 'Best Value' in goods and services for our clients. We actively review the pricing structures of several contractors, vendors, and service providers on a regualr basis.
Q - Does Team Strategy require that a property, or properties, utilize a specific provider for services? In particular, one whom the management company may have a personal, business, or financial interest?  
  • No. Each property has a unique financial history, each property has unique needs. As such we do not require that a property and/or properties utilize a specific vendor for any services.
Q - Does Team Strategy have formalized Conficentiality, Client Privacy, and Full Disclosure Policies?
  • Yes. As property managers and registered investment advisors, Team Strategy is required to fully-disclose to our clients any potential business arrangements with vendors, and to fully-disclose our billing and/or invoicing practices.

Q - Why doesn't Team Strategy have Google, Yahoo, or Yelp reviews?
  • Unlike its competitors, Team Strategy Inc. NEVER ENGAGED in the process of buying reviews, or soliciting reviews from clients in exchange for Gift Cards, etc. In addition, in order to submit a review with Google, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. an individual must have one of these accounts.

Q - Is Team Strategy Inc the ONLY Community Association Management (CAM) and Registered Advisor Firm in the state of Colorado?

  • Yes. According to both the Colorado Divison of Real Estate and the Colorado Division of Securities, Team Strategy Inc. works in both of these industries.

         "Board members and managers should obtain investment               advice from a financial asset investments professional who frequenty works with homeowners associations."
Marc Nuzzolo
Community Manager - Community Associations Institute
May/June 2021

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