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Why Us?

Company History


Team Strategy first began as a registered investment advisory concern in 1997 with the United States Securities Exchange Commission. In 1998, Team Strategy was registered with the state of Colorado, Division of Regulatory Agencies. In 2003, Team Strategy expanded its advisory and financial planning services to include homeowner and commercial associations. With an extensive background in budgeting, finance, economics, and management, Team Strategy operates in a niche industry. Over the years, TSI and its employees have assisted its clients in saving thousands of dollars. Savings have been derived from such areas as: asphalt repair, trash removal, landscaping, concrete replacement and repair, stucco repair, roofs and roofing repairs, irrigation, general maintenance, swimming pools, legal, and a host of other budgetary areas.

Cost savings derived from these areas have been used to provide property upgrades and/or placed into the Replacement Reserve Fund for future use. Team Strategy Inc. takes an active role in assisting board members in providing the "Best Value" for all projects and maintaining property valuations throughout the community. As founder of Team Strategy, David C. (Dave) Stiver, President and CEO, has testified on behalf of individual homeowners as an expert witness against homeowner associations, as well as on behalf of homeowner association Boards of Directors in judicial proceedings.

About Us
About Us
Team Strategy specializes in Homeowner (HOA) Condominium, Townhome, Commercial and Community Association Management. At Team Strategy our main focus is upon property valuation and the preservation of real property investment capital. Team Strategy is a Colorado Registered Investment Advisory firm and is listed with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, and FINRA (Financial Institution Regulatory Authority). At Team Strategy, we actively work with our association board members to develop strategies for capital improvement projects. Unlike other management companies, Team Strategy actively negotiates with contractors, vendors, and materials suppliers to obtain the "Best Value" for our clients. In many cases, utilizing existing funds without additional dues increases, special assessments, etc. Moreover, Team Strategy works on behalf of our clients, whenever necessary, to procure capital improvement financing whenever necessary.

Over the years, Team Strategy and its staff have saved homeowners associations thousands of dollars in property improvement projects, From roofing to garage doors, insurance to landscaping, the value added services provided by Team Strategy are unmatched in the homeowner association management arena. Team Strategy always places its properties above itself and strives to do those things that benefit the property owners most. Team Strategy is certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.


Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Company Mission

Our Mission

To provide top notch, value-driven, professional association and property management services at prices that are both "fair" and "reasonable."

About Our Founder
David C. (Dave) Stiver is one of only a few (if any) property managers and corporate officers that possesses extensive educational training and work experience in business management, finance, and economics. To date, it is unknown just how many property managers within Colorado Springs and the entire Front Range possess' such a wide variety of training and experience. As a former adjunct college professor (teaching macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial planning, personal finance, and corporate finance) David Stiver has a greater sense of what is taking place within the economic community than most property managers.

David Stiver has testified as an expert witness on property management and financial accounting procedures at both the County and District Court levels. David Stiver has testified on behalf of individual homeowners against competing association management companies and homeowner associations. In addition, he has fought on behalf of his own associations against homeowners and homeowner associations.

David Stiver brings a unique perspective to the homeowner association arena having served on the Board of Directors of one of Colorado Springs' largest townhome associations from 1992 thru 2008. He has served in a variety of officer capacities, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, he continues to reside within a covenant controlled community to this day. Team Strategy officially began managing  individual homeowner association properties in 2003. Since that time, Team Strategy has managed small, medium, and large properties. 

In addition, David Stiver has volunteered and participated within the Colorado Legislative Affairs Committee (CLAAC) of the Community Associations Institute (CAI). David Stiver has also served as a presenter for the Southern Colorado Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) both as a volunteer homeowner association board member and as a Treasurer.

CAI - Southern Colorado

Our Philosophy

The number of homeowner, condominium, townhome, commercial, and community associations continues to grow at a rapid pace. As baby-boomer's continue to retire and seek to reside within a "maintenance-free" community, the duties and responsibilities of association managers and boards of directors must continue to grow and adapt to these changes. Homeowner Association HOA boards and managers must become knowledgeable of a wide variety of challenges associated with this aging population.

Property managers must become mindful of the fact that these communities face challenges from an infrastructural perspective and the need to address these challenges with extremely limited resources. Merely addressing these challenges by raising dues, seeking special assessments, or seeking a line of credit may not suffice. Faced with residents who are living on fixed incomes requires special talent and financial knowledge.

The days of merely pushing paper are quickly coming to an end. To address these needs, Team Strategy Inc. has worked closely with Boards of Directors and contractors to obtain the "Best Value" pricing wherever possible. By training ourselves in the areas of finance, financial planning, basic construction, etc., Team Strategy is best suited to address the unique needs of our communities.

Our Goals
  1. To provide top-notch, value driven services to our clients.
  2. To achieve the "Best Value" in goods and services for our clients.
  3. To save our clients money by doing "MORE" with "LESS".
  4. To educate our clients regarding their "Rights and Responsibilities" as members of a covenant controlled community.
  5. To provide our homeowner association (HOA) clients with quality services at reasonable prices.
  6. To set ourselves apart from our competition by providing economic, financial, and budgetary expertise unmatched in the homeowner association management arena.
  7. To inform, educate, and train Board of Director members of their fiduciary duties to their members.
  8. To cost over-all costs first, wherever possible, and re-direct funds to reserves, or the completion of special capital improvement projects.
  9. To increase our value to our HOA clients by doing more with less.
  10. To continuously strive to provide a wider array of services to our homeowner (HOA) and commercial association clients.
  11. To always put our clients financial interests before our own.
  12. To care for our clients property as if it were our own.


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